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Roof Repair and Replacement Services in Haverford

Emergency Roofing Services

Waking up in the middle of the night because your roof is leaking is one of the most stressful scenarios people have to deal with. When such an emergency happens, there is no time for deliberation or half-measures: you need to find an expert Roofing Contractor in your area and you need to do it fast.
Luckily, we at Al’s Union Roofing understand how serious such a situation may become. Therefore, we are committed to providing our repair services as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage and prevent the leaks from reoccurring during the next rain. Our service area covers Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia: contact us to schedule the inspection, and we will arrive within a 24-hour period!

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After you contact us, our specialists will be able to access the problem, estimate its cost, and start dealing with the existing damage. The list of problems, which we qualify as emergency includes the following:

  • Wind damage: hurricanes or high winds may break and scatter loosely connected shingles or even bend metal roofing.
  • Tree damage: fallen chunks of trees is a common problem in the states with long snowy winters, such as PA, NJ, DE, and PHL.
  • Pests and critters: it may seem an insignificant local problem at first but even a minor infestation quickly becomes serious, causing severe damage to vital structural elements of your roof.
  • Lightning damage: lightning strikes carry an enormous amount of energy, which may destroy large areas of your roof.
  • Mold damage: it grows surprisingly quickly, weakening the vital zones of your roof, penetrating roof materials, and creating a source of leaks.
  • Damage because of lack of maintenance: height is a natural barrier when it comes to regular checks and proper maintenance of your roof, so do not be surprised to uncover a hole in your roof after years of neglect.
  • Fire damage: even though asphalt shingles and metal roofing are fire-resistant, they, along with other structural elements, still may be seriously damaged by extreme heat.

Residential & Commercial Repair

As we can see, there is a multitude of risks when it comes to emergency roofing. Different types of damage require drastically different solutions. In such cases, careful diagnosis is no less important than fast repairs: half-measures may only worsen the situation with your roof. Fortunately, we employ only skilled and highly experienced roofers capable of accessing the problem and offering you the most suitable solution.
We are prepared for roofing emergencies in all types of buildings: commercial and residential, standard and custom, new and old. Regardless of the type of building, we work with diligence and professionalism, armed with years of expertise in the field.

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Even those homeowners proficient with emergency repair kits should normally consider a proper renovation after the immediate problem has been dealt with. An industry-grade approach involves not only using concrete and felt to eliminate leaks, but also a careful inspection of the rest to ensure that every seam remains impervious to the elements of any season.
Our certified experts will take care of the immediate problem, advise you on the best option in terms of both affordability and reliability, and provide you with a transparent cost assortment and full documentation. We are committed to discovering solutions that would fit your budget, so you should not worry about our prices. If you are seeking a reliable roofing service near you then look no further than Al’s Roofing — we will provide an immediate and efficient response to any emergency.

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