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Roof Fascia Installation And Replacement Services

Roof Fascia Installation And Replacement Services

If you are seeking high-quality Roofing Service near you, then look no further than Al’s Group Roofing! We are committed to providing fast and reliable installation work for all residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia.

Residential & Commercial Roof Fascia Installation

Although roof fascia rarely gets the attention it deserves, it is one of the most vital zones of every modern building. It is there, right under the roofline, where your house is extremely vulnerable to mold, critters, insects, and water damage.
In addition, when it comes to hard-to-reach places, fascia boards usually take the cake. You need high-skilled roofers to replace fascia for there is no way that you will enjoy checking its condition weekly.
As for the types of roof fascia installation, you may choose from a decent variety of options, the most common of which are the following:

  • Continuous: one piece that encircles the perimeter. Reliable and easy to mount, provided that you hire experienced fascia installers.
  • Random: instead of one single piece, roofers mount several pieces where they are needed most. It offers less protection yet is very convenient in houses with specific architectural features. In addition, replacing fascia at random locations may be a tricky task.
  • Multi-Fascia: includes several layers of fascia that cover large sections. This type is known for its excellent protection qualities and higher cost.

As for the materials, the most popular choices include the following:

  • Wood — affordable, water-resistant, and with a natural look;
  • Composite — very durable and fitting, even though they are quite expensive in comparison with other options;
  • Vinyl — easy to install, relatively cheap and durable;
  • Aluminum — very flexible and versatile, although difficult to install.

Expert Roofing Company with Affordable Prices

As a professional Roofing Contractor with years of experience under our belts, we guarantee you fast and affordable roof fascia replacement. We understand that taking care of a large house may be very demanding. Hence, we treat each project individually and try to find the solution, which will suit you most.
We will take into consideration weather conditions in your area and advice you on choosing the best option that will increase the life span of your home. Many residents of PA, NJ, DE, and PHL have already decided for themselves that Al’s Roofing provides the best local installation and replacement services.

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