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Roof Gable Capping Service

Roof Gable Capping Service

Most residential houses have gable roofs. It’s a classical and convenient design perfectly suited for temperate climates. To make such a roof secure and reliable Al’s Group Roofing offers the best roofing capping services in PA, NJ, DE, or PHL. To make your house fully waterproof, secure, and invisible to any rodents, proper roof capping is an absolute must.

What Is Ridge Capping?

Ridge cappings cover the joints of the two sections as they meet at the rooftop. These are usually triangle-shaped tiles placed on roofs’ peaks. It’s a traditional element in roof installation, especially with sloping surfaces. The capping installation requires a slightly different roofing technique, where cement mortar serves as the ‘bed’ for these triangular tiles. This kind of roofing creates a stylish, finished look, and preserves the roof from leaks and collapsing.

Residential & Commercial Ridge Capping

Any roof, residential or commercial, tile or metal, requires proper maintenance. Ridge capping is the first area where property owners should look for renovation. Pitched roofs’ edges are among the most vulnerable spots in a roof structure. Due to their position on the top of the slope, they are the first to suffer from extreme weather conditions, along with the pressure of heavy roof tiles.
The cement under these tiles can quickly deteriorate, crack and get loose and unstable with time. Such flaws create entry points for water, wind, and even living creatures. Not to mention that cracked capping ages a house, making it look uncared for and forsaken.

Professional Roofing Contractor Capping Steps

If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia, Al’s Roofing company can ensure professional capping services. Our local roofers follow the most modern and environmentally-friendly approaches, suitable for any budget and need.
Our Roofing Company will complete ridge capping your house in these three simple steps:

  1. Tile removal. Each tile needs to be replaced in order to chip away the old bedding.
  2. Rebedding. Removing old bedding and replacing it with a new one will create a perfect frame for laying new cap tiles.
  3. Pointing. This process ensures a strong bond between each cap tile, roof tile, and cement. It also helps create a clean, polished look.

Our company will be glad to provide you with roof gable capping service in your area, at affordable prices and with your comfort in mind.

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